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Bioethics, Science, and Technology: Papers, Reporting, and Projects

I report on ethical and political issues related to emerging science and technology. My bylines have appeared in New Scientist, International Business TimesBoston Magazine, ViceMotherboard, Al Jazeera, WBURPRI's The World and elsewhere.

My journalism and personal work is centered in the debate around DIY science, enhancement, grinder culture, and Transhumanism. 

I completed my Master's Degree in Bioethics and Society (with Merit) at King's College London in 2018, where my dissertation focused on regulatory systems that can manage governance of genome editing technology when used to manipulate the human germline.

Other academic topics have included writing on reproductive technologies (mitochondrial donation and oocyte preservation), epigenetics, the moral status of a late-term human fetus, policy and regulation of stem cell clinics, and the ethics of sex selection through pre-implantation genetic diagnosis. 

I have also worked with animators to write and create videos about the future of reproductive technology and how the internet works. 

Ethics of Biohacking

Ethics of Biohacking

I have a special place in my heart for biohackers, and my personal research has revolved around self-experimentation, emerging technologies, and the ethics therein.

Smart pills can transmit data to your doctors, but what about privacy?

Biohackers are using CRISPR on their DNA and we can't stop it

Why I Had A Magnet Implanted In My Finger

The Ethics of Experimentation: Ethical Cybernetic Enhancements

Ethics of Transhumanism

Ethics of Transhumanism

The Transhumanist movement is fascinating to me, and I have a lot of thoughts on the movement itself, as well as its leaders.

I made this gif of Zoltan Istvan, a Transhumanist presidential candidate, when I accompanied him on part of his cross-country journey in a bus shaped like a coffin. (Because he's on the quest for immortality, duh.)

The Misguided Idiot’s Quest for Immortality

The Opposing Leaders of the Transhumanist Movement Got Salty in a Debate

The future isn’t near — it’s here. (I wrote this article in 2015 for a magazine that ended up spiking it.)