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Alex Pearlman

I'm a unique biotech policy nerd/digital journalist/product manager/front end dev hybrid with experience that spans from managing agile products, to founding a start-up, to reporting and editing for digital news organizations, to writing about humanity's next big thing.

No matter what I'm doing, I'm thinking hard and innovating.

I am always digital, and always disruptive.

Over the course of my career in newsrooms, I have worked to create web and device-agnostic products that help news organizations write, edit, package, and deliver the stories of our time through. I now focus primarily on experimenting with interactive storytelling experiences.

The news business is not just about innovative content delivery, however.

It is crucial, now more than ever, that journalists report quality news – with a conscience. As a human rights reporter, I got to dig into the struggles oppressed peoples face across the world. As a member of the Boston Globe's editorial board, I worked on stories ranging from municipal to international politics.

Now I am looking to the future, and the media's secondary responsibility: breaking down the complex ethical issues facing our society with the advent of under-regulated and misunderstood biotechnology, and reporting objectively and accurately for the general public. Most recently, my own reporting has been focused on stories related to innovation and regulation of emerging science.

I completed my Master's Degree in Bioethics & Society at King's College London in Spring 2018 (with Merit). 

Currently, I work at Harvard Law School, but I am always available for freelancing and contributing commentary or analysis. Just get in touch!

Besides work, I travel, cook, write short fiction and ski religiously. I'm a new mom to an amazing baby named Rowan. Hungarian is my first language. I dabble in costume design. Sometimes I binge on Netflix original series for an entire day. Often I communicate solely in .gifs and memes. 

Please check out my CV on LinkedIn or peep some quick thoughts on Tumblr and Medium.  

This is still my favorite project of all time.